Champions of Verideen

The Prologue

We begin with Asteroth, a young Minotaur representing the Niblihem clan who are known for their discipline and responsible for gathering knowledge from the outside world, just after the completion of the “trials” marking his coming of age and placement into a clan. He is greeted by his mentor and father figure, Kalgaroth, who is over a head taller than most minotaurs. They are both summoned to the high council for an unknown reason. Once there, they stand before the elders of each clan and a strange old elf wearing heavy robes and carrying a large staff. The president of the council, Rokshasa, who also represents the Niblihem clan, charges young Asteroth with transporting a prisoner to the capital, Grisland, and to seek out guidance from Corion Ventross, the grand wizard in the kings army, doing whatever he he requires. Additionally, he must tithe half of all treasure he receives along the way, as well as seeking out rogue minotaurs who have lost their way.

Switch to Ca’elaethar Eyllishm, a young half-elf who is setting out on his own from the small village called New Riverview. After a brief encounter where he is sought out by a young elven woman, Sylvana, who confesses her feelings and desire to see him return, Ca’el is seized and arrested by emissaries from Travelers United and placed under arrest for the use of the World Tree roots in illegal and unsanctioned experiments. He is then transported to Legendra, the minotaur town and home to the “Labrynth”, the prison for the capital and home to the most violent and dangerous criminals in the land. Once he arrives, he is taken into custody by Kalgaroth and given to young Asteroth to be taken to the capital Grisland and for Ca’el to speak to Corion Ventross. These instructions were given from the mysterious elf-like figure. Asteroth and Cael set off to Grisland. There they learn of a plot to assasinate the king at the upcoming Mount Hyran Remembrance Fesitval. Asteroth is ordered to help, while Ca’el is given the chance to help impersonate the king or go to jail. Both agree and prepare to be tested shortly.

Switch to Grisland, the capital city, where we find two final year students in Mount Hyran Memorial Military Academy and both are sons of generals in the king’s army, Ranthier Ventross, an Eladrin focusing on magic and Krauser, a dragonborn focusing in infantry. Both are tasked by Corion Ventross to assist with a known plot to assasinate the king. Both will be guaranteed high level positions in the king’s army if they succeed, although Corion wishes his son to seek his fortune elsewhere in the world. Krauser’s father, General Kurzahn, encourages his son to follow in his footsteps, despite Krauser’s desire to see the world and learn more of his dragon bloodline and the inherent magic within himself. Both agree to help thwart the assassination and prepare to be tested.



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