Ranthier Ventross

6'1" 170 lbs. Black hair, silver eyes. Eladrin Wizard. Blue and white robes. Straight, grey wand.


AC: 15
Fort: 13
Ref: 15
Will: 13
HP: 26

Speed: 6
Init: 3
Passive Insight: 10
Passive Perception: 10

Armor: None
Implement: Wand

Feats: Wand Expertise, Ritual Caster


Ranthier is an Eladrin War Wizard and officer-in-training for King Trillyam Salanyth’s Standing Army. He is the son of Corion Ventross, a General in the King’s personal army. His mother, Sharianna, is the first-chair harpist in the court orchestra of Grisland. She is also secretly an Archfey Sidhe Lord from before the time of the World Trees. So far only Ranthier is aware of this fact.

Ranthier Ventross

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