400 years in the past, Verideen was at war on every continent. An alliance of races, Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Tieflings, Warforges, Rakshasas, Drow Elves, Giants and a variety of other races all joined forces to gain control of all magic in the world. This evil alliance, led by a human wizard (wizard’s name), sought to capture the very essence of magic in order to starve their enemies of its use and to gain complete domination over the world. By attempting to harness all magic into one source and drain it from the rest of the world, the alliance caused a catastrophic event. Verideen, surrounded by magic of all forms, could not survive without it. The world became unstable and was on the brink of destruction. The conclave of dragons, the eldest of each color dragon, met in secret in the depths of Mount Hyran. There they were able to devise a plan to stop the devastation, but could not carry it out. With the help of a group of adventurers, forever more known as “The Heroes of Verideen”, the World Trees were created. These 7 trees produced a new source of magic for the world to feed upon, but the result was not what anyone expected. Once all 7 trees were planted, the entire planet quaked and trembled. Continents were ripped in half, some lost all together to the ocean, and yet new continents arose. The roots of the 7 World Trees were connected through the planet and as a result, all life on Verideen was affected. Some races were left relatively unaffected, while some races were killed off entirely. The quakes effectively ended the war and forced those that wished to harness the magic to flee in order to survive.

The world is made up of 3 major continents and countless islands of various sizes. To this day, the entire world has not been mapped completely due to the World Trees. The roots of the trees, intertwined and connected, were so large that they form a land bridge from one side of Verideen to the other, making it impossible to effectively navigate the ocean. There is currently a group of volunteers called “Travelers United” which live and work on the roots located in the ocean. Their main focus is to create passable waterways for ships to travel without damaging the roots to the World Trees. In addition to ships crashing into unseen roots throughout the ocean, the new magic from the trees caused ocean life to mutate, making it that much more difficult to sail. For these reasons, the population of each continent mainly keeps to themselves and trade is limited to what can be made or grown on each continent.

Each continent is ruled by a king. Jovin is ruled by King William Dumont III, a human that lives in the capitol Solara. On Ramaglia, they are ruled by King Trillyan Salanyth, an Eladrin that lives in the capitol Grisland at the base of what once was Mount Hyran. And the third continent, Felgrand is ruled by a mostly unknown King, said to be a monster who rules by fear and death. Felgrand is called a continent although it is actually many large islands closely grouped together. This area is considered abandoned by the rest of the world and is avoided at all costs. Although not a requirement to be king, all three kings are claimed to be direct descendants of The Heroes of Verideen.

Champions of Verideen

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