Champions of Verideen


The Adventurers were lead to meet the Mistress of Panadyne with long blonde flowing hair which speaks in a ethereal voice. This ladies name was Vestress. She asked the adventurers to take a test that would challenge them in many ways to save the boy but if in fact. the party failed the trials. they would be put to death. They agree to the trials and were lead to sacred place where the trials are held by a elven named Margret. They were told to lay down and drink a small Vial to “open their minds”. Whilst they are asleep they were faced with a situation in a arena where they were tempted by their loved ones and ultimately all were defeated
Bloodless and boneless it slowly travels about yet it never leaves home what is it.
everyone offers this thing but few will take it, when it is offered by someone else.
passed from father to son and shared between brothers its importance is unquestioned though it is used more often by others
double my number im less than score half my number is less than 4 add one to my double when bakers are near days of the week are still greater i fear
which side of a wolf has the most hair

in a banquet hall where a party is being held. All of the heroes mentors. friends and family are there. A fire broke out and the party immediately had to help everyone escape. It is clear that this event was taken directly from their memories.

They are then whisked to a ship in which all the characters have to catch fish in order to survive the pending storm. The event was similar to one in their past, but the storm was not apart of this memory. They begin catching fish when the storm reaches in the middle, and a giant demon creature appears out of the water. About 40 feet high, the demon had horns and bright red skin. A giant clawed hand slams the boat, splitting it in pieces, and sending everyone flying. They land on a rocky island that wasn’t there before, with the entire crew being killed on impact or impaled on the sharp rocks.

The Boat
Trip to Paladin
The Party started off in the Boat. They were attacked b y water zombies along with a very tough seaweed zombie; The Party won but lost 6 crew members. 1 dwarfs, 1 human, Halfling, 1 half elf, and the Tiefling and Warforged all died during the battle. Ignatio live, the half Orc, Dwarf, 1 human and Alardin and the Drow lived. With the death of the crew the party must now take over some of the crews work load. 1 week in their new duties they must fish for food because supplies are running dry. Krauser attempted to show off his strength to raise the ire of Asteroth but Asteroth used his superior strength to catch a lot more fish than Krauser prompting him then try to up Asteroth again by catching more fish and getting them on the boat than Asteroth. He succeeded in doing so prompting Asteroth to once again try to catch the big fish; he did not catch the big fish. And in his attempt he baited more fish than he caught. The fishing went on and culminated in a group effort to dredge the water with asteroth guiding the captain through the water to catch the maximum amount of fish. With Krauser and Renthier Ventross helping pull in the nets, the adventurers successfully caught as much fish as needed. The adventurers traveled 2 more weeks and encountered a crashed ship and were attacked. The adventurers dispatched the monsters and saved one survivor. Marion Paradin, she wanted to see the world according to her story but there was more to meet the eye to her… When we arrived at Paladin, Marion was taken prisoner by Paladin guards and were told to follow them for help. The adventurers were lead down a path of pure gold into a beautiful island paradise. The local color was Elven. The party was brought to the town hall filled with elves with a elf who sat at the center of the room, she question the adventurers and seemed to know all of them except for Renthier. The people seemed to not want to help the adventurers though grateful for actually bringing back the woman Marion. Asteroth became very upset by this and seemed to upset the woman elf. Ca’elaethar Eyllishym and Ranthier Ventross took over the conversation henceforth to avoid offending the people of Paladin. Ca’elaethar Eyllishym, Asteroth of the Nib’leheim Clan, Ranthier Ventross, Krauser Dragonborn.
The Test

The morning arrives and the group is greeted and instructed to meet in the small conference hall on the west end of the castle. There they are given breakfast and instructed to wait for Corion. Corion arrives with a human male in black armor/clothes and long black leather gloves (up to his elbow), brown eyes, and whose skin is an odd reddish tint as it he had taken in too much sun. The human leaves and Corion explains the “test”. It will utilize magical illusions in the same manner that the minotaur trials use, so that the 3 high generals can inspect their abilities and bless off on this plan to the king. If they fail or if the generals are not convinced, Asteroth will be sent on his way, Ranthier and Krauser will return to their studies which they have been excused from currently, and Ca’el will be sent to the Labrynth to serve out his life sentence (on a positive note he will be given the opportunity to choose death). Should they succeed, the plan will be to have Ca’el impersonate the king, and the other three to be dressed as guards. The rest of the guards are aware of this plan, and they will begin to spread around information that they are new and untested and since this is just a mostly ceremonial festival, this is their first duty assignment. This will entice the rogues to come out and when they attempt to kill the king, the real guard will be waiting behind the scenes to capture them.

They are brought into a courtyard with high walls and thousands of empty seats. There is a sectioned off area for what they assume would be VIPs, and here are the three Generals of the Kings Army, introduced as General Corion Ventross High Wizard, General Kurzahn Dragonborn Infantry Division, and General Drāgen Von Drake Naval Division and Senior Court Advisor to the King. Kurzahn yells out for the rest of the group to stand behind Krauser if they get scared, laughing. Corion seems in a good mood. Drāgen seems bored and annoyed and his eyes appear from that distance to be almost completely black. The fight begins by fighting elven 8 archers and 6 humans carrying clubs. All miss the group, and begin to die immediately without any issues. Before the fight ends, Kurzahn screams out in a rage that this test is ludicrous and is no way for his son to test his mettle. He ends the fight and sends a runner away. The three generals begin a heated discussion out of ear shot. After a short time, someone bangs 3 times on the courtyard door. Kurzahn turns towards the group and says “finally, now you can show off Krauser”. The door is opened and two very large twin humans walk in, 6 feet tall, over 200 pounds of pure muscle. Each is holding a leash with two large dogs that resemble wolves, snarling and barking like mad. The first is holding the runner by his belt and tosses him towards the VIP stand. The runner gets up and scurries off to hide. Kurzahn screams out, “I give to you the Banger Brothers, wards of transporting criminals to the Labrynth, and instructors from the school on swordplay and physical fitness. Now boys, don’t hold back now, we want to see what these young men are truly capable of. The fight starts and stops when I ring this gong. Krauser, you’re going to have to put aside those crazy thoughts of travel and focus on being the dragonborn fighter you were born to be.” The group begins combat with the Banger Brothers, and after quite the battle, emerge victorious. Corion and Kurzahn are very pleased, but Drāgen is visibly upset and storms off. Corion explains that Drāgen does not approve of the plan to impersonate the king. The king then arrives, and the resemblance to Ca’el cannot be ignored. The king congratulates them in person and gives them each 50 GP to spend in the city and given the day off. They are to reconvene tonight at sundown to get final instructions and outfits/costumes. He says he is very confident in this plan but is clearly distracted and leaves quickly to attend to his son.

The Prologue

We begin with Asteroth, a young Minotaur representing the Niblihem clan who are known for their discipline and responsible for gathering knowledge from the outside world, just after the completion of the “trials” marking his coming of age and placement into a clan. He is greeted by his mentor and father figure, Kalgaroth, who is over a head taller than most minotaurs. They are both summoned to the high council for an unknown reason. Once there, they stand before the elders of each clan and a strange old elf wearing heavy robes and carrying a large staff. The president of the council, Rokshasa, who also represents the Niblihem clan, charges young Asteroth with transporting a prisoner to the capital, Grisland, and to seek out guidance from Corion Ventross, the grand wizard in the kings army, doing whatever he he requires. Additionally, he must tithe half of all treasure he receives along the way, as well as seeking out rogue minotaurs who have lost their way.

Switch to Ca’elaethar Eyllishm, a young half-elf who is setting out on his own from the small village called New Riverview. After a brief encounter where he is sought out by a young elven woman, Sylvana, who confesses her feelings and desire to see him return, Ca’el is seized and arrested by emissaries from Travelers United and placed under arrest for the use of the World Tree roots in illegal and unsanctioned experiments. He is then transported to Legendra, the minotaur town and home to the “Labrynth”, the prison for the capital and home to the most violent and dangerous criminals in the land. Once he arrives, he is taken into custody by Kalgaroth and given to young Asteroth to be taken to the capital Grisland and for Ca’el to speak to Corion Ventross. These instructions were given from the mysterious elf-like figure. Asteroth and Cael set off to Grisland. There they learn of a plot to assasinate the king at the upcoming Mount Hyran Remembrance Fesitval. Asteroth is ordered to help, while Ca’el is given the chance to help impersonate the king or go to jail. Both agree and prepare to be tested shortly.

Switch to Grisland, the capital city, where we find two final year students in Mount Hyran Memorial Military Academy and both are sons of generals in the king’s army, Ranthier Ventross, an Eladrin focusing on magic and Krauser, a dragonborn focusing in infantry. Both are tasked by Corion Ventross to assist with a known plot to assasinate the king. Both will be guaranteed high level positions in the king’s army if they succeed, although Corion wishes his son to seek his fortune elsewhere in the world. Krauser’s father, General Kurzahn, encourages his son to follow in his footsteps, despite Krauser’s desire to see the world and learn more of his dragon bloodline and the inherent magic within himself. Both agree to help thwart the assassination and prepare to be tested.


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