Champions of Verideen


The Adventurers were lead to meet the Mistress of Panadyne with long blonde flowing hair which speaks in a ethereal voice. This ladies name was Vestress. She asked the adventurers to take a test that would challenge them in many ways to save the boy but if in fact. the party failed the trials. they would be put to death. They agree to the trials and were lead to sacred place where the trials are held by a elven named Margret. They were told to lay down and drink a small Vial to “open their minds”. Whilst they are asleep they were faced with a situation in a arena where they were tempted by their loved ones and ultimately all were defeated
Bloodless and boneless it slowly travels about yet it never leaves home what is it.
everyone offers this thing but few will take it, when it is offered by someone else.
passed from father to son and shared between brothers its importance is unquestioned though it is used more often by others
double my number im less than score half my number is less than 4 add one to my double when bakers are near days of the week are still greater i fear
which side of a wolf has the most hair

in a banquet hall where a party is being held. All of the heroes mentors. friends and family are there. A fire broke out and the party immediately had to help everyone escape. It is clear that this event was taken directly from their memories.

They are then whisked to a ship in which all the characters have to catch fish in order to survive the pending storm. The event was similar to one in their past, but the storm was not apart of this memory. They begin catching fish when the storm reaches in the middle, and a giant demon creature appears out of the water. About 40 feet high, the demon had horns and bright red skin. A giant clawed hand slams the boat, splitting it in pieces, and sending everyone flying. They land on a rocky island that wasn’t there before, with the entire crew being killed on impact or impaled on the sharp rocks.



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