Champions of Verideen

The Boat

Trip to Paladin

The Party started off in the Boat. They were attacked b y water zombies along with a very tough seaweed zombie; The Party won but lost 6 crew members. 1 dwarfs, 1 human, Halfling, 1 half elf, and the Tiefling and Warforged all died during the battle. Ignatio live, the half Orc, Dwarf, 1 human and Alardin and the Drow lived. With the death of the crew the party must now take over some of the crews work load. 1 week in their new duties they must fish for food because supplies are running dry. Krauser attempted to show off his strength to raise the ire of Asteroth but Asteroth used his superior strength to catch a lot more fish than Krauser prompting him then try to up Asteroth again by catching more fish and getting them on the boat than Asteroth. He succeeded in doing so prompting Asteroth to once again try to catch the big fish; he did not catch the big fish. And in his attempt he baited more fish than he caught. The fishing went on and culminated in a group effort to dredge the water with asteroth guiding the captain through the water to catch the maximum amount of fish. With Krauser and Renthier Ventross helping pull in the nets, the adventurers successfully caught as much fish as needed. The adventurers traveled 2 more weeks and encountered a crashed ship and were attacked. The adventurers dispatched the monsters and saved one survivor. Marion Paradin, she wanted to see the world according to her story but there was more to meet the eye to her… When we arrived at Paladin, Marion was taken prisoner by Paladin guards and were told to follow them for help. The adventurers were lead down a path of pure gold into a beautiful island paradise. The local color was Elven. The party was brought to the town hall filled with elves with a elf who sat at the center of the room, she question the adventurers and seemed to know all of them except for Renthier. The people seemed to not want to help the adventurers though grateful for actually bringing back the woman Marion. Asteroth became very upset by this and seemed to upset the woman elf. Ca’elaethar Eyllishym and Ranthier Ventross took over the conversation henceforth to avoid offending the people of Paladin. Ca’elaethar Eyllishym, Asteroth of the Nib’leheim Clan, Ranthier Ventross, Krauser Dragonborn.



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